Visit Rochelle

The City of Rochelle is a tourist destination. Railroad activities, historical mid-west early development, and local natural beauty sites draw visitors from all over the globe.

Promotion of tourism related activities is the responsibility of the Rochelle Tourism & Visitor Association, comprised of business and hotel managers, tourist attraction owners, and City officials.

The Association sponsors projects and activities such as the Lincoln Highway Heritage Festival, Railroad Park, and the 1918 Standard Oil Gas Station (home of the Rochelle Visitor Center).

Rochelle hosts the only conference facilities in Ogle County and has the largest number of hotel rooms in the County. Because of the City’s location off the intersection of Interstate 39, Interstate 88, and the Transcontinental Route 30 Lincoln Highway, Rochelle is the perfect location for Tour Bus operators and travelers alike to stop and stay on the way to other destinations.

Rail fans from all over the world come to Rochelle to visit the Railroad Park and see the more than 100 trains which pass through the City every day. The Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe railways cross with four sets of tracks intersecting to form the double rail diamond in Rochelle.